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LEAD Conferences Canada is an avenue for LEAD Campaigns. A leadership and empowerment conference facilitator in North America, working in conjunction with African Union 6th Region Canada and the Americas to educate and empower youths and women starting in Africa and Diaspora, promoting the “1+1 million by 2021 initiative”

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What is Lead Africa?

LEAD Africa is a Youth and Women’s Leadership Empowerment and Economic Development Campaign designed to mobilize and engage the global African diaspora, to unite as one voice for the "the Africa we all want". LEAD Africa, through a national and international campaign is envisioned to create awareness of the African Union (AU), and its strategic initiatives, to promote intergenerational dialogues between young people and leaders, promote and connect African diaspora organizations with those in the continent and to engage African youth in the diaspora, women of African descent, the African Diplomatic Corps, policymakers, governments, International CSOs, grassroots organizations, academia and civil society who have an interest in the development in Africa.

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The African Union Commission

All African states are members of the African Union; 55 member countries grouped into five geographic regions (North, South, West, East, and Central). The diaspora was constituted as the sixth region in 2003 to encourage the participation of people of African origin living outside the continent. The African Diaspora is an integral constituency of the African Union (AU), and their involvement in the Union is a fundamental institutional imperative. Article 3(q) of The Protocol on Amendments to the Constitutive Act of the African Union Commission (2003) expressly invites the African Diaspora to participate as an essential part of the building of the Union. The Declaration of the Global Diaspora Summit (2012) recognized the need to build sustainable partnerships between the African continent and the African diaspora.


The African Union 6th Region Canada (AU6RC)

As part of the implementation of the Program of Action from the Global African Diaspora Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 25 May 2012, with specific reference to the operationalization of Action Item I (A) (g) under Political Cooperation: “Create platforms for closer interaction, solidarity and effective collaboration between and amongst governments and civil society of Africa and its Diaspora including the continuation of Regional Consultative Conferences and creation and consolidation of Regional Networks as partners and interlocutors for the implementation of the outcome of the Global Diaspora Summit.” CIDO officially inaugurated the African Unity 6th Region Canada (AU6RC), which constitutes the representative network comprising the African diaspora groups based in Canada, on Africa Day 25 May 2018 in Toronto, Canada.


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