LEAD Conferences Canada

Who we are

LEAD Conferences Canada is a consulting firm specialized in the organization and the production of events and conferences in Leadership, Education, employment, entrepreneurship and engagement of the African Diaspora, in partnership with the African Union 6th Region Canada & Americas (AU6RC).

Bridging the gaps. United for our youth.

LEAD Africa Campaign

LEAD Africa is a youth and women’s leadership empowerment and economic development campaign designed to mobilize and engage the global African diaspora, to unite as one voice for “The Africa we all want”.

Through a national and international campaign envisioned to create awareness of the African Union (AU), and its strategic initiatives, LEAD Africa aims to promote intergenerational dialogues between youth and leaders, promote and connect African diaspora organizations with those in the continent and engage African youth in the diaspora, women of African descent, the African Diplomatic Corps, policymakers, governments, and all the stakeholders who have an interest in the development of Africa.


1+1 Million by 2021

LEAD will also support the AU Office of Youth Envoy (OYE) action plan on the four pillars of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement for the “1 +1 million by 2021 initiative.”

The LEAD campaign will utilize four (4) platforms to tap into the diverse character of the global African diaspora community to accomplish the “1 +1 Million by 2021 Initiative”. The four platforms are:

  • Conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Business and Innovation Fairs
  • Music and Entertainment Shows
  • Fundraising Galas