Dr. Macaulay Kalu

Chairman & CEO - AU6RC

An experienced, practical and forward-thinking individual with extensive knowledge and proven experience in capacity building, diaspora, migration, culture and development, international trade, business, youth empowerment, social and sustainable development.

Through his engagement at various level in international affairs, Dr. Kalu has demonstrated the capacity to provide comprehensive support to high-level leaders, including managing and coordinating projects and processes at international level for effective Business Operations for Global impact.

Excellent Communicator, international Negotiator and Network Facilitator,Dr Kalu works is highlighted and acknowledged by state and Diplomatic leaders across the continent of Africa, Europe and America.

Charismatic Spiritual leader, coach and mentor, with outstanding interpersonal and people skills, Dr.Kalu work has changed many lives, and created successful entrepreneurs. He also lectures in several universities in the Americas and Africa. Today He seats as advisor or Chairperson in many boards.

As a global thinker, he is now looking to take on a fresh challenge with a successful and dynamic, institution or international organization that has a culture of respect, challenge and innovation to impact the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Kalu have received several leadership and innovation awards from Heads of Missions, Governments, Civil society and Private organizations.