Felicia Jolly

Founder of the ABC’s Wealth Financial Literacy Program

Felicia Joly is the founder of The ABC’s of Wealth Financial Literacy Program for Families and Communities. Felicia advocates that early childhood immersion in Financial Vocabulary is the essential foundation for a lifetime of financial well being. In her quest to improve financial literacy for the next generation, she has developed the immersive and interactive financial vocabulary study guide that every family member can engage with every day-no matter how busy their schedule and regardless of their financial frame of reference. With innovative tools to inspire families and communities to work cooperatively, Felicia continues to spark ideas and activities that engage both children and adults to cultivate the right relationship with money and establish wealth development goals for a lifetime and a life well lived. Felicia states, “Today is the day for families and communities everywhere to begin building the firm foundations for making sustainable multi-generational wealth a reality for all.”