Sophia Bishop

Founder of Elevated Living

Sophia Bishop is the founder for Elevated Living, a Personal Effectiveness lifestyle company. It provides training, tools and products to help individuals grow, achieve and be their best selves in their personal and professional lives.

Inspired by her grandmother’s teaching and her love and belief in the power of words, Sophia founded Elevated Living – a company that promotes success, ‘accepting only the best from ourselves and inspiring the same in others.” It is grounded in her TIFIDIN (THINK IT FEEL IT DO IT NOW) principle that states:

Committed to Community Care, Sophia has been the Founder, Director and Volunteer for a number of not-for-profit organizations and community programs including but not exclusive to

Tropicana Community Services (Founding Member)

Black FEM Program – Black Female Entrepreneur and Mentors

We All Have Issues…Let’s Talk – Mental Health Program

FEED – Female Education and Economic Development